6 steps for a successful Google Ads campaign

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As in every project, good planning is an essential step – and Google is no expection.

Google Ads works great becuase it positions your business in the first results of a search, increasing your leads. Today, we want to share the process we use to plan new campaigns.

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1. Plan for the client

To start, we must think as our client and analize what is going on in their minds at the moment they are searching for your service. Some triggers to help you out are:

  • why is he searching for it now
  • what information is critical for him
  • what questions he might have
  • what is his role inside the company
  • what will his crteria will be to make a decision

These answers will define your campaign, what language tu use, and what information to provide.

2. List some keywords

Keywords must be set correctly for your ads to show up in the right time. The work here is to determine different ways in which someone might search for your solutions. The more keywords you set, the higher your reach will be.

Think how you would ask a friend if he knows someone that might help. “Who does…”, “Looking for…”, “Where can I find…”, “… near me”, and so on.

After creating the keywords list, it helps to categorize them to have more control. These categories can be based on your different solutions and similar keywords and phrases. The idea is to display an ad specifically designed to the phrases they are searching for.

3. Create Landing Pages

The user has very little time after clicking on your Ad to find the information they are looking for. This is why we must take them to a strategically designed webpage, which we call landing page.

This landing page must show the key information about your solution, getting the attention of the user as fast as possible. We recommend solving the most common questions poeple have about your solution, that way they will have enough information to contact you directly.

Create as many landing pages as keyword categories you have from the previous step. This will increase effectiveness

4. Setup conversion tracking

Measuring clicks and contacts is very straightforward, but that is not all that can be tracked.

There are other events that must be tracked, such as clicks inside your landing page. These events usually precede a new contact, so they are key metrics to analyse during optimization.

The tracking tools we recommend are Google Tag Manager + Google Analytics.

5. Start general, get specific later

People are reaching out to Google daily, and you never know when a big client might come in. That is why it is important to have your Ads live as soon as possible.

Start simple and general, maybe just one landing page and one ad. This will allow you to launch your campaign fast. Then, with the optimization process, you could start to create more specific ads and landing pages.

6. Optimice regularly

The difference between a winning and a loosing campaing is the optimization process. As you analyse reports and make adjustments, your campaign will get more effective.

The first 2-3 months are critical, so we recommends optimizing every other week during this stage.

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