5 reasons to invest in Google Ads right now

Google Ads is a powerful tool, and you’re about to see why…

Today’s most common solution for any question or problem usually involves “Googling it” – opening Google, searching key words and then reading an article or watching a video that offers a solution.

Google connects people through information. With Google Ads you can exploit this functionality in order to scale your site traffic and sales like never before. The key is to understand the role Google plays in order to create a strategy that satisfies your clients needs.

1. Google answers questions

As we were saying, people often reach out to Google with specific questions: “How do I…?” “Where can I…?” This lets people find you exactly in the right time.

People are already asking these questions, and, unless your business is showing up as a result, they are finding the answers with your competitors.

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2. Instant results

Because people are asking these questions on a daily basis, they will find you immediately after you activate your campaign. If you had a good planning process before launching, you will most likely get some contacts from the start.

3. Measurable and optimize Results

If it can be measured, it can be improved. By setting strategic goals during the planning process, you will be able to track and measure key metrics for the optimization process. This iterative process will make your campaign more effective and improve your Return on Investment (ROI).

4. Advertise locally or globally

With the segmentation tools that Google has, you can choose where to show your ads to maximize results. You can show them locally, near your store, or in a bigger geographical region if you want to reach more people.

5. Google is not limited to “searches”

Google opens a window to a whole plethora of websites, including magazines, blogs, news sites and more. This allows businesses to show their ads beyond the search engine to maximize your results.

The possibilities with Google are endless, but you need a good strategy to make it work without blowing up your budget.

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