Google Ads

We will increase your sales with highly targeted traffic to your website

What we will do for you


1. Planning

We will strategically plan a Google Ads campaign, according to your specific goals and business

2. Setup

We will setup the Ads Campaign and a specially optimized webpage for the Ads (Landing Page)

3. Activation

After all has been approved, we will activate the Ads and start getting traffic. Leads should start to come shortly after this.

4. Optimization

Every month we will analyze results and make an optimization to try to improve them next month. This is an ongoing process, as things are always changing.

How Google Ads Work?

1. Google Search

We will create an Ad which will be displayed in the first positions when someone is searching for your solution.


2. Evaluation

We will setup a special, optimized webpage (Landing Page) to help the user who liked on the Ad find your information easily.


3. Lead Generation

You will get Leads from people who are interested in your solution, some will call you directly and some will fill out the form.


Why Google Ads?


Immediate Results

Someone who a searches in Google usually is someone who need a solution in the short term, that is why you will feel the difference right away.

Measurable Results

You will have key data handy in reports, to know wether Google is working to not. If it can be measured, it can be improved. If it can be measured, it can be improved.

Advertise Locally or Globally

We can activate your ad for specific cities, countries or regions. We can also target a specific distance around your shop.

Connect with Clients Who are Looking for You

People will find you exactly when they are looking for your solution.

Every Business Need to be in Google

Case Studies

Our Results

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How PersoTemp increased their sales and reduced cost of acquisition with Google Ads

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How 1CG is getting 30 new leads per month with their website and Google Ads

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Why Weebir?

Visible Results

You will get measurable results, seen in the Reports, Calls and Optimizations.

Professional Design

You will have a Website with a professional, modern design that will get Leads.

Specialized Team

Get access to our specialized team, so that you will get Results.

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