Case Study

How PersoTemp increased their sales and reduced cost of acquisition with Google Ads


"We noticed the difference the moment the Ads were activated. We started getting calls, potential clients started to reach us and our sales started to improve"

Lic. José Luis Ortiz

Sub General Manager, PersoTemp


PersoTemp is a leading Outsourcing company in Guatemala. They offer services like outsourcing, recruitment, temporary staff among other.
After 25+ years of experience, they started to notice that their cold contact selling started to decrease.
We have been working together since February 2018, helping them with their Google Ads to acquire new customers in a more efficient manner.

The Challenge

The cold visit approach was not effective anymore for PersoTemp

It was taking a long time to cold visit each company individually, without knowing if they were really interested in their services. As a result, the cost of acquisition was higher.

They hired someone in-house to help them with their digital presence, but they were loosing too much time in the learning curve so they decided to outsource with specialists.

"We decided to work with Weebir because of their highly qualifies team, their experience, and the clients they have. This really gave us confidence to close a deal with them."

Lic. José Luis Ortiz

Sub General Manager, PersoTemp

The Solution

We activated Google Ads for the different services PersoTemp offers, and created a specific Landing Page for each.

When someone is making a search for their services in Google, they show up in the first positions so people get to know them


"Before, we had to go looking for the client. Now, thanks to Weebir, the clients is looking for us. This gives us better positioning to close new sales"

Lic. José Luis Ortiz

Sub General Manager, PersoTemp

The Results

Higher reach in a new market

On average, 1,700 people have visited PersoTemp's website monthly resulting in 61 new contacts. This is Thanks to Google.

Some of these contacts are looking for jobs, but the majority is looking for the service.

Lower Acquisition Cost

By eliminating the process of having to go find clients directly, sales executives can focus their time on attending contacts generated by Google. Since they are interested, a close rate is better.

By eliminating processes and making them more efficient, the acquisition cost for new clients is lower.

Increased Sales

Due to the exposition Google has given them, interested people now find PersoTemp in the right time.

The sales team is more effective, since they are talking to people who do want the service.

Thanks to the increase in sales, they have extended their operational team to satisfy the demand.

Our website is working very well. The website and google are currently our main channel to acquire new clients, we are very happy.

Lic. José Luis Ortiz

Sub General Manager, PersoTemp


"I think Google is a platform where all business should be. It is like being in the phone directory 20 years ago. If you are unsure, I would recommend that you try it out because Google does work and Weebir will help you in every step of the way."

Lic. José Luis Ortiz

Sub General Manager, PersoTemp

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