Case Study

ConstruZone is getting 15 new leads every month from Google Ads


ConstruZone is a Guatemalan company, they work construction and civil engineering related projects. They work metallic structures, electrical, and general construction. They have been working since 2012.

The Challenge

Based in a word of mouth referral system, ConstruZone was challenged to find new sources for new clientes.

They needed to have a constant flow of new Leads in their database, so that they con always be quoting and closing new clients.

The Solution

We created a Google Ads test campaign to determine if Google was a good channel for them.

We created optimized Landing Pages for the ads to convert clicks into Leads.

The Results

Higher Reach with Targeted Traffic

They are currently getting 15 new leads per month on average, all coming from Google Ads.

New monthly clients

Ads are live only 10-15 days a month, to allow ConstruZone some time to follow up properly.

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